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Automotive Wolf Car Maintenance Software Features and Benefits

Automatically ALERTS you when car maintenance due.
Maintains a comprehensive maintenance history log of all service performed.
Schedule maintenance reminders by Date, Mileage or both. (alerts can be displayed at boot-up. program launch or both. Email reminders soon to be added!) (click to see)
Automatically reschedules recurring preventive maintenance tasks.
Automatically predicts when mileage markers are reached using past driving history
  - so reminders are displayed accurately even if you haven't updated the mileage in months!  Now that's smart!
Configure maintenance according to your manufacturers recommended service schedule or use our built-in advisor.
Customize your service/maintenance schedules according to your own personal preferences.
Create functional gauges to accurately monitor any scheduled maintenance/service.  
Create your own maintenance requirements and assign
gauges to monitor.
Now that's cool!
Keeps you "Up-to-Date" on all car maintenance
Automatically compiles a detailed Parts list as you add maintenance and repair records. .... that's EASY!
Scan in your service invoice and save a record of your receipt with the maintenance record. Wow that's clever!
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Tracks service, repairs, operating costs, fuel usage and more.
Checks for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) and Recalls issued for your vehicle by the manufacturer.
  Infotraxx Automotive Data SevicesConnects to the Infotraxx Automotive Data Services Database.  No other product does that!
Vehicle Health Status Gauge to monitor the overall condition of your vehicle ( user configurable )
Lets you know the overall condition of your vehicle at a glance. Simply click on the gauge in the program to display a complete list of the status of each maintenance requirement you have configured for each vehicle. The gauge reflects the condition of your vehicle based on the maintenance requirements you select.
View, Print and Export Detailed Reports.
  Select from multiple Reports to view or print service schedules, maintenance history, cost analysis, fuel usage, etc. Each Report can be exported into multiple formats (pdf, Excel, CSV, Lotus, Rich Text, Word docs, XML and more) (click report links below to see examples)
See a Detailed Cost Analysis of your vehicle
(cost/mile, cost/year, Investment value, Accumulated costs, Operating costs)   (click image)
Tracks your fuel usage and fuel economy

automatically calculates miles/gallon
Car Care Tips and advice from expert ASE certified mechanics.

Includes a vast array of tips and suggestions on how to keep your car in top running condition and avoid repairs

Automotive Systems Reference
  Includes extensive information on most automotive components allowing you to research almost any part on your vehicle that needs repair. The more knowledge you have the less likely you are to be scammed!
"Trouble-shooting" database of "symptoms and causes"
  - helps you investigate what may be wrong with your vehicle.
Automotive Wolf Car Care Software Screen Shot
Real executable program designed for Windows - not a "database app" or online service.
Built-in database backup options so your data remains safe
Easily tracks multiple vehicles
Quick learning curve! - configure your vehicle in seconds and start saving money!
Network ready! Share the database on multiple computers on any network
FREE Auto-upgrading - automatically checks for new versions and downloads it for you. It's always FREE and always Up-to-Date!
Create and track as many vehicles as you like!
  - we don't limit how many vehicles you can track by charging you more for more capacity like the others do!
Actually increases the resale value of your vehicle.
  When you decide to sell your vehicle you will be able to provide proof of all car maintenance performed to the prospective buyer, including proof to service centers when a repair was last completed in case the part is still under warranty.
  WHY should you track your vehicle maintenance ?
  • Saves you money! : Helps you avoid costly repairs and the "downtime" required when your vehicle needs repairs.

  • Warranty Compliance: To comply with your manufacturers maintenance schedule required by your warranty and be able to prove it!

  • Maximizes Resale Value: Good maintenance records maximize the resale value of your vehicle.

  • Improved Fuel Economy: Good maintenance habits can improve fuel economy up to 19% according to the US Dept of Energy!

  • Extends Vehicle Life: Simply staying Up-to-Date on your car maintenance will increase the life of your vehicle and minimize the "headaches" involved with constant repairs.

  • Improved Reliability: Tracking your vehicle maintenance allows you to schedule reminders when service is due. This results in a better running vehicle and greater reliability.

  • Scam Avoidance: Helps you to avoid common scams, unnecessary maintenance and overpriced dealer service plans from some service shops. Some will actually try to make you pay for more frequent service than called for by the manufacturer!

  • Cost Awareness and Comparison: Keeping a detailed maintenance and repair history for each vehicle you own  allows Automotive Wolf to provide an in-depth analysis of your Operating Costs. You can compare what it costs you to drive and maintain each vehicle you own.

  • Increased Knowledge: The knowledge you gain from being aware of your cars maintenance requirements will ultimately save you money!

  • Peace of Mind: With different and numerous maintenance requirements and service items for each vehicle, its easy to miss a Due Date which can effect your warranty....unless you are using Automotive Wolf to remind you!

Maintain your Vehicle like a PRO with the Original Car Maintenance Software for Windows.

Car Care Software by Lone Wolf Software

Automotive Wolf
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Car Care Software by Lone Wolf Software

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