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        Tracks and Manages all Home Maintenance & Repairs. Create To-Do Lists. Monitor all expenses, mortgage payments, pay-off value, current home equity and more. Save a detailed Home Inventory of all your valuables & possessions for insurance claims in case of fire or natural disaster.
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Manages All aspects of home ownership
Tracks multiple residences and properties
Seasonal Home Maintenance Schedule
Track Home value, mortgage payments
Stores Home warranty & insurance info
Saves images, receipts and invoices
Creates a Home To-Do List

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Tracks the value of all your possessions
Create categories to organize items
Provides proof of ownership
Saves detailed info for insurance claims
Calculates depreciated current value
Link Images & Documents to Items
Scan receipts and link to Items

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home inventory software house cutaway imageHome Management:

Your Home is the biggest investment you will make in life. Protect it by tracking all aspects of ownership. Whether you own or rent, keeping detailed records is in your best interest and protects you against loss in the event of a catastrophe, theft or warranty disputes. Track home maintenance, repairs, mortgage payments, assessed value, insurance, warranty information, costs and more. Create a Home To-Do List to manage your home projects.

Save important home ownership documents, warranty & insurance information. Link unlimited images and file attachments to each home or property that you own. Find important information quickly and easily.

man on computerHome Inventory:

Maintaining a detailed catalog of what you own and it's current value is vital in case of loss, damage, theft or disaster. Home Management Wolf will keep a detailed home inventory record of everything you own and calculate each items current value using universally accepted depreciation prediction algorithms. You can categorize each item into multiple categories (jewelry, electronics, furniture, etc) or organize items by room (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc).

Keeping a detailed home inventory is important for several reasons:

1. Insurance Purposes: In the event of a theft, fire, natural disaster, or other unfortunate events, having a detailed home inventory can be invaluable when filing an insurance claim. It provides evidence of the items you owned, their value, and their condition, helping you get appropriate compensation for your losses.

2. Accurate Valuation: A home inventory helps you accurately assess the value of your belongings. It allows you to keep track of expensive items, such as electronics, jewelry, and furniture, as well as smaller items that can add up in value. This information is useful when determining insurance coverage limits or when deciding whether additional coverage is necessary.

3. Claims Settlement: When you file an insurance claim, a detailed home inventory can streamline the claims process. It provides the insurance company with a comprehensive list of items, reducing the chances of disputes or disagreements regarding the existence or value of specific possessions. This can help expedite the settlement and ensure you receive appropriate compensation.

4. Memory Aid: A home inventory serves as a memory aid. It can be challenging to recall all the items you own, especially after a stressful event like a burglary or fire. By having an inventory, you won't overlook or forget anything, ensuring that your insurance claim is accurate and complete.

5. Estate Planning: A home inventory is beneficial for estate planning purposes. It helps you organize and document your possessions, making it easier for your loved ones to manage your estate in the event of your passing. It can also assist with the distribution of assets, estate valuation, and the resolution of any potential disputes among beneficiaries.

6. Moving and Relocation: When moving or relocating, a home inventory can be extremely helpful. It allows you to keep track of your belongings, ensuring that nothing gets lost or misplaced during the process. It also provides a reference point if any items are damaged or missing during the move.

7. Organization and Decluttering: Maintaining a home inventory encourages you to organize and declutter your belongings. It prompts you to evaluate the value and usefulness of each item, making it easier to identify and eliminate items you no longer need. This can help create a more organized living space and potentially save you money by avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Overall, keeping a detailed home inventory provides numerous benefits, including accurate insurance coverage, streamlined claims processes, efficient estate planning, and improved organization. It offers peace of mind and helps protect your financial interests in case of unforeseen events.

Save digital photos and scan receipts for each item including information such as Date of purchase, Cost, place of purchase, warranty information and much more. Add an unlimited number of images, videos and file attachments to each item in your home inventory database. If an item is completely destroyed, damaged or lost, images and receipts serve as proof that you purchased and owned the items and result in easier insurance & warranty claims and quicker payouts. 

Home Management Wolf will automatically calculate the current value of items based on standard depreciation so you know from day to day what a particular item is worth in today's market. This can also be valuable and helpful information if you want to sell an item.

Creating and maintaining a Home Inventory protects you in many ways. Simply save the database to a removable media device for safe keeping in a fire protected safe or other location.

Are you prepared in case of a Disaster, Theft or Fire?
Start TODAY protecting your Home and Possessions

home inventory software fire imageAre you really prepared?
The fact is that most home owners and renters are not because insurance policies often require proof of ownership and value to be able to recover for losses in a fire or natural disaster. In the US national statistics show you have approx a 1 in 10 chance of having a house fire. Your risks increase depending on where you live for natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes, floods, etc. You will need to prove your losses to your insurance company to be able to recover. Home Management Wolf will let you create a detailed list of everything you own and become an invaluable tool to help you.

Consider the facts!
Most people don't give a lot of thought to fire safety in the home.  But the frequency of fires in dwellings indicates that we all should be thinking about it.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2007, U.S. fire departments responded to 399,000 home structure fires. These fires caused 13,600 civilian injuries, 2,865 civilian deaths, and $7.4 billion in direct damage. The NFPA compiles statistics for all causes of fire at home and in industry.  The leading causes of fires in the home are: cooking, electrical, smoking materials, candles, and heating equipment.

A recent survey conducted by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers found that Americans misjudge fire risks. The survey revealed that “70% of Americans feel safer from fire at home than in a commercial high-rise building.” It is truly ironic that where people feel safest, in their homes, is where the majority of fire deaths occur. Consider this; US fire departments responded to an estimated 362,500 home structure fires in 2009.

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"I first purchased this software just over a decade ago on 9 May 2011 and love it. A couple of years ago I moved to my new house and didn’t update  the files. I have done so now as it saves me a fortune in unnecessary costs and making sure the maintenance schedule is done. Plus it gives you a sense of achievement and order seeing all essential documents, assets, insurance etc together with active to-do lists all in the one place. You think you won’t forget where you store files but you always do and when you really need them it is a nightmare finding them. This software solves that issue." C.S June 2021

"Simply the perfect software for any home owner! The home management section covers just about everything you can imagine for owning a home and the home inventory section is a marvel for organizing and keeping track of your possessions and their value. I also love the contractors and vendors part of the software so I can keep information on anyone I hire to do work for me," Sandy P,  May 2021

I would highly recommend this home software for anyone that owns a home. I manage my house and a vacation condo with it. I really like the Financial part that lets me know what each residence is costing me."  Carl T.  April 2021

"Just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU for a great product. I recently suffered a home break-in in which several valuable items were stolen. I had everything recorded in your home inventory software and was able to use it to quickly be reimbursed by my home insurance policy. The agent said she wished everyone would make her job so easy!"  
Thomas W San Diego, CA

"This program is tops. It actually helps me get more work done by planning stuff, keeping track of where all the tools and gear is, helps with keeping all my tractor and other equipment purchase docs together and plan maintenance on my 5 acres of heaven!! Mate thanks for some awesome programs !"
Charles S.

"I love the home maintenance planner and the home inventory log. Great Design and extremely useful software."
Mark P.

"A superb organization tool for any home owner. One of the best software products I have ever purchased. "  Sandy D.

"I've tried several different home inventory software products and this was the best most comprehensive by far. I feel safer knowing I will be covered if I have a fire."  
Ronald K D. St Louis, MO

Apppearl Home Management & Inventory Software Review

My house is my castle! But do you know what is in your castle?  Do you remember when you need to make repairs, make a loan payment or when you bought your favorite sofa? To keep records of such details, the developers of the Lone Wolf Software team created software that allows you to be ready for any life situation! The first thing you need to always have at hand is the documents for the house: insurance, a purchase or lease agreement, a guarantee, and so on. Home Management and Inventory Software allows you to store an unlimited number of files, images, and videos with important documents, receipts, and images of items. Thanks to this program, you will be able to control your residential maintenance costs, the estimated cost of the home, and the dates of important transactions related to your real estate. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, it is convenient to use this application at any age! Depending on your preferences, you can divide the things available in the house by categories (household appliances, furniture, tools, etc.), or by the rooms in which they are located (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.).


System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 11 (32 & 64 Bit)

  • Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit)

  • Windows 8 (32 & 64 Bit)

  • Windows 7 (32 & 64 Bit)

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows XP


Screen Shots

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Create a detailed Home Inventory of all your possessions
home inventory software screen shot
Keep track of the mortgage payments, interest and principal on your home
home mortgage screen shot
Save detailed information on every item you own in case of loss or theft
camera in home inventory
Create a seasonal Home Maintenance schedule
home management software seasonal maintenance schedule
Track your financial status
home management software financial analysis
Monitor the current value of all your assets
camera in home inventory software
Attach files, documents & videos
home management software file attachments window  
Create a Home To-Do List
home manager software todo list screen
Keep a List of your favorite Contractors & Vendors
home manager software todo list screen
Save your Home Warranty and Insurance policy and other important documents
home manager software todo list screen
Makes it easy to manage your Home & Properties and keep track of all your assets and possessions!

Additional Features
Life-Time FREE Upgrades
All upgrades are FREE and easily downloaded from the Lone Wolf Software server.

Auto Backup options
Includes an Auto Backup option that keeps your database safe. Save it to a removable media device like a USB stick or CDROM that can be placed in a safe place in case a disaster occurs. This information can often be destroyed when a catastrophic event happens but this allows you peace of mind in knowing all your important information is secure.


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