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 "WOW this is a really good program, and I am impressed with its functions.
It is simple, and I purchased 3 other software programs prior, and all were good but not exactly what I needed "  Renato D.  July 2021

" I use your automotive software at work I love it  I have 40 lift trucks and it makes my life so much  better  thank you "  John S.  July 2021

" I'm definitely enjoying the car care software, as it's the most comprehensive, but still user friendly program I've found! "  Pat P  June 2021

" I enjoy  your  product  works very well easy to use great reports and export features "  Eric R.  June 2021

“I've been looking for a good car maintenance program for a while and found Automotive Wolf. I love the comprehensive vehicle maintenance log it creates for each vehicle along with the detailed parts list. This is exactly what I need. Excellent product. Sam P. 3/2021

  "I have been using your Automotive Wolf software for 15+ years.  I love it and have recommended it."  Larry S.  3/2020

Still loving the software. Its keeping my 2 cars and bike in perfect running order for hundreds of thousands of klms. May I add that the customer support is fantastic! "  Bob B. 2/2020

 "Let me start off by saying that I purchased a copy about 3 months ago for both my Windows hand-held and my desktop computer, and all I can say is that it's a superb program! Being able to not only track fuel economy, but also the automatic maintenance reminders and tracking, as well as being able to put virtually all my records such as registration and insurance in one easy to reference location, and track the cost of everything...... I was drooling over it before I bought it. Since then it's even better than I thought it might be. I've been able to just about debunk the myth that purchasing a brand new car would cost less than maintaining my old one, by comparing the cost per mile of a virtual' new car (payments, insurance, etc) versus my current older one. Not only that, but this is helping me keep better maintenance on it by reminding me of what's due, including the not-so-obvious ones you don't always think about, such as coolant and transmission fluid changes."  Shane R, CA

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Having a car that's always up and running requires taking care of it once in a while. As such, inspections should be done on a regular basis, air filters should be cleaned up once in a while and so on. All these tasks are difficult to track using a service manual. One should turn to software in order to keep track of his car's maintenance more efficiently. A program that can manage everything that needs to be done to a car is Automotive Wolf.

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This Windows application doesn't need special skills or experience to be installed, as some clicks are enough for this. 15 MB of free hard disk space and an average computer are all that one needs to get the program running.

Softpedia certification for Automotive Wolf Car Maintenance Schedule SoftwareAt the initial launch of the program, some sample data will be included in its interface. As such, a simple car will be added, together with some already made and due inspections, car parts that need to be replaced, fuel consumption report and so on. Thus, the user can familiarize himself with the features of Automotive Wolf more quickly. He can even add his own car by selecting it from the large list of cars available in the program.

After adding a preferred car, the user can start creating a report, by typing every repair or maintenance done to the car. Besides that, the program allows setting reminders, for letting the user know when it's time for the next inspection. One can also keep track of fuel expenses and can easily see how much gas his car takes up per mile. This information can be saved as a graphical report, to be easier to view.

Besides offering the possibility to add various information, Automotive Wolf can also offer some tips regarding various car problems. These problems are organized in categories. By selecting a symptom, one can quickly identify the possible causes of the problem. This feature will save him time, as he will not need to go to a service station. There is also a large collection of car tips available, for avoiding future problems.

  " I’ve used auto wolf for 14 years.  My favorite software and best support. "  Loren C.  8/2019

  "I just downloaded the car maintenance software and was blown away at how good it is. I'm now tracking the vehicle maintenance schedules on my car, motorhome, motorcycle and ATV. I was able to configure the maintenance schedules for each in about 5 minutes!  The specialized maintenance requirements for each type of vehicle are superb. Some of the motorcycle maintenance items in the schedule are awesome...I never even thought about checking some of them. I think its makes my motorcycle much safer to ride! I purchased Automotive Wolf about 30 minutes after I downloaded it. I was very impressed."  Jim Stevens,  Decorah, Iowa 7/2017

  " I have been a very long user of your Automotive Wolf Software. I continue to be astonished by its stability, thoroughness, accuracy and ease of use. Every time I use it, I want to say "thanks". I only use it for home use of my vehicles. And over time, I have had motherboards fry, bought new computers, had hard disk drive crashes or corruption, etc and WITHOUT exception you have stood by me to issue me new keys so I could get back up and running. I keep my vehicles a very long time and your program has treated me very well. Case in point: My now-deceased uncle about 10 years ago gave me his bare-bones 1990 Ford Ranger pickup. I have maintained the vehicle scrupulously using Automotive Wolf here in Arizona. I just upgraded to a larger truck but when it came time to sell the Ranger (valued at $1,000 to $1,300 tops), the first person who looked at the truck last month gave me $1,700 cash, excited to see my Automotive Wolf-based Maintenance Binder showing all repairs, parts, additions, receipts, and other documentation.
So again,
THANK YOU for your outstanding program but most of all, thank you for your SUPERB customer service to me over the many years I have used it. "Steve P.  Jan 2016

  "Just want to say thanks for making a great tool.  I use it for everything possible, logging tool purchases with warranties, bicycle maintenance, air compressor, lawn mower, pressure washer all get entered too.  I like being able to keep my records from my old collector cars too.  I'm able to refer back to them for part numbers or repairs/entries I've made after the cars are long gone." Tony H.  Dec 2015

  I have used the car software for many years and it has saved me a tremendous amount of money on breakdowns and repairs.  As a result, my 2000 Honda Accord has 215000 miles on the original drive train and still going!  My 1999 Dodge Durango, 147000 miles Thanks for the awesome software!  Mark A.  Feb 2014

  I just purchased a new car and I wanted something to help me take good care of my investment. Your car care software is perfect!   James J.  Feb 2014

  "This is a great program and over the course of 10 years I have used it to track expenses and maintenance over 20 autos, motorcycles and 3 boats."  Loren C. Jan 20, 2014

  " I hope to use this Automotive Wolf program as long as I drive cars! Ivan B.

  "Auto Wolf is an awesome program and I really love being able to track operating costs of my three vehicles. I feel the Wolf had helped me make smarter decisions about vehicle repairs and future purchases. "  Wesley C.

  "My car recently got rear-ended. Initially the insurance company wanted to value my sight-unseen car at low- Kelly's Blue Book value, until I provided all the service records from Automotive Wolf maintenance reports .. and that revised the value to exceptional!
Thank you for giving me the tool to prove my car's true worth." Ken K. (9/2011)

  "I purchased Automotive Wolf as a download (and the CD as a backup) about a year ago. I have been extremely pleased with the program. It is really first class software, intelligently designed with many useful features."  Daniel G

  "Here is one example of how Automotive Wolf Car Maintenance Software saved us money on repair costs.
We have one particular driver who is very lets say untuned to cars. He works outside the city and is rarely into the office so we never see him. Last fall Automotive wolf popped up an alarm that his transfer case required the fluid level checked..( We purposely set the alarm lower than the recommended interval because the trucks run up mileage fast) When he called in his mileage for the week he was told to take his truck in for service.
The next week we received the work order from the dealer where he had the work done. On this bill was a charge for an end seal and a notation " transfer case dry , leaking seal, we called the driver and he said " Yeah, the mechanic said it was lucky I came in when I did, he told me if I had driven any distance with the four wheel drive engaged we would be looking at a new transfer case and not just a 75 dollar repair of the seal."  he went on to say " I kinda wondered what that roaring noise was but thought nothing of it
All we could say was thank you Auto wolf.

Cost of transfer case $2200. minus cost of Auto wolf $40.00 minus minor repair cost $75. Equals  a saving $2085. not counting down time of 2 hours compared to maybe a couple days. and to be honest we don't know how much Automotive Wolf really saves us because we follow the schedule we customized for Automotive Wolf right down to monthly lubrication of the hinges on the truck caps.

Bob Brewster, Braemar Pest Management Services

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  "Thought you would like to know, my 1994 Nissan Sentra has passed the 300,000 mile mark, thanks in part to Automotive Wolf software and helping me with a good preventive maintenance program! " Mark F.


  "I LOVE THE SOFTWARE. It is by far the best maintenance tracker out there!" Jeremy A.

  "I cannot imagine managing my fleet of courier vehicles without Auto Wolf! The reports, analysis functionality and ease of use make this an unbelievably powerful tool. This application not only ameliorates the headache of vehicle maintenance, it makes it a fun experience. I would absolutely act as a reference for this program! - give 'em my cell phone number! Bravo!" Jeff Proffitt, Transportation Manager, IDEXX Labs, Inc.

  "Just wanted you to know I have been using this software for years now it is simply just the best I have ever used I  am a diesel mechanic and have worked for the larger trucking company that invest a lot of money for software for maintenance tracking and Automotive Wolf is just as good if not better! THANK YOU."  Stewart L.

  "We sold a '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee about a year ago and got better than average price for it because we had kept all records since new on Automotive Wolf.  We were able to show the buyer the detailed records and he was able to verify them.  He said he had never seen such good records kept on a vehicle.  I told him it was easy with your program!"  Cliff Stansbery

  "This is one of the best programs I've ever seen! I tried out several others but Automotive Wolf is easily superior. This is commercial quality software that has options and flexibility that none of the other programs I tried even came close too. It's very stable and beautifully designed. A great download!Jack Morrison

  "I have been using your software for one year now and I love it. I have a small fleet of Ford Crown Victorias (6) and your software
makes it easy and fun to track fuel usage, mileage, repairs, and maintenance.  I like it so much that I have recommended it to all members of our Crown Vic web site!! You wouldn't believe how many people email me asking where they can get it! Keep up the great work ."  J Hunchard, Franklin, Massachusett

  "Until April of this year, our company had kept track of all of the maintenance records on paper. We have about 12 vehicles and numerous other pieces of equipment that we keep maint. records on. Your program has replaced all of this paperwork. The program is easy to use and is adaptable for any level of items or records that you wish to store. As I was looking for a program for our company, I tried numerous trial versions of maint. programs and found Automotive Wolf was the easiest to use. Some of the programs that I tried were marketed for over $500 and I still found that yours suited us best. A powerful program at an affordable price is what you are offering and I would recommend this program to anyone".  Loren Kapelk, Shop Manager, Goldsmith Painting & Cleaning Inc

  "I setup my own car maintenance schedule in minutes! I love the detailed car service log that lets me attach a scan of my invoice from the local repair shop and being able to connect to Infotraxx is brilliant! Great software for any car owner!Tony Jackson

  "This is the best piece of software on my computer.  Thanks a million. Russ Christman

  "We easily manage 20 vehicles with this program, and believe that we have avoided costly repair bills due to its intuitive tracking of routine maintenance, Something else that is truly amazing is the tech support for registered users, its unbeatable". Bob and Mike, Leland, VA

  "Really nice auto care software! It reminds me when maintenance is due and tracks everything you can imagine. I use Automotive Wolf to maintain the trucks in my construction company and my family vehicles. Well designed software thats easy to use and does a great job. Highly recommended! One of the best programs I've ever downloaded." Construction Unlimited, Waco, TX

  " I've been using Automotive Wolf for 3 months and I absolutely love this software. It lets you configure the maintenance requirements exactly the way you want it. Then it reminds you when they come due. The fuel economy graphs are very informative and shows trends if your miles per gallon starts to drop off. I never realized how expensive it is to own a car until I used the cost analysis in this software. It's superb!  This is really useful software." B. Salinski. Las Vegas, NV

  "Auto Wolf is a great program for tracking the cost of ownership on all your vehicles. It is easy to use and the newest version has a Diagnostic utility." KJV777

  "This is a KEEPER! Great software for anyone into cars. Superb reports too!" Skipper, Potomac, MD

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Automotive Wolf - the Mr. Know-It-All for your favorite car you can always rely on! No matter how new and fail-proof your vehicle is, it still requires constant maintenance and monitoring. Don't you want to know how much gas your car
really consumes? When will you need to replace oil and air filters next time? What is the date of your visit to a car service? How much have you spent on upgrades since over the past year? How do you replace a dead light bulb in your car's headlamp? If you do want to be able to answer these questions quickly and easily, you definitely have to check out Automotive
Wolf!  ***Automotive Wolf is an award-winning tool that will help any car owner track maintenance expenses, diagnose issues, store important car-related information, check for recalls and service bulletins (TSB's) and keep a detailed log of service operations.***  This is the only car management application on the market that integrates seamlessly with the comprehensive
Infotraxx TSB database, so you will always have easy access to a virtually limitless source of professional car-related information, tips and best practices.  Automotive Wolf was created by a group of car pros who created a great tool for themselves and then shared it with the whole world, so quality and usability are guaranteed.  Automotive Wolf will help you get to know your car better, reduce maintenance costs, get advice when you need it and find the right time for trading it in for a new beauty. It's affordable, powerful and amazingly efficient, so make sure to add this tool to your software collection!


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In order to control and optimize your car expenses, it is worth keeping up with the times, installing an application that allows you to do this easily and naturally. Modern applications help you not to forget about maintenance and replace car components on time. The best thing about Automotive Wolf is its ease of use. Launch the application and monitor fuel costs, record service records and save reports. You will not have any difficulties with adding, editing and deleting information about the car. This application can record the history of car maintenance, plan future service, and remind you about it. This makes it possible not to miss wheel balancing, tire replacement, oil, and other work. Here you can save the full-service history and share it or print it out. You can also add your notes or view your trip history. There is a free trial version available in the application, which will allow you to determine in thirty days whether this application is suitable for you or not. The paid version contains additional features, but the price of the application is much less than buying new spare parts for your car!

yippeeRated5.gif (3420 bytes)Yippee Review:
  With true survivalist instinct, Lone Wolf software have created this excellent piece of software that will aid you in keeping your vehicles in tip-top shape. Close to every detail is covered in this comprehensive release - giving you record space to enter make/model details, insurance info, body paint/trim details, engine serials, etc. Automotive Wolf can perform analyses on your cars performance, remind you of important maintenance schedules, and keeps track of all past/future repairs and problems. Automotive Wolf even includes excellent built-in references on maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs and general technical terms. Very advanced, and as the developer rightly points out - comprehensive maintenance records will RAISE the selling price of your vehicle.

Winner award for car maintenance schedule software
Geek Files 5 Star Award for Automotive Wolf Car maintenance Schedule Software

Editors Choice award for Automotive Wolf Car Maintenance Schedule SoftwareCars are our closest friends, partners, parts of our families or even enemies. To have a car means much more than just to drive it. You should take care of your car, just because in that case it will save your nerves, time and money. The following passage isn’t for Ferrari or Porsche owners, this is for common people, who want to live without headaches because of their Chryslers and Fords, Chevrolets, Dodges etc.
      Automotive Wolf Auto Care Software - this program is about car keeping. Do you remember these useful user’s manuals for programs? That’s almost the same. You should enter the whole information about your vehicle just by filling in the program’s forms. Please, remember, that some facts must be exact, otherwise you won’t get necessary tips and pieces of advice. This automotive manager is the champion in giving, keeping and finding facts about cars! It will tell you what to do if you have problems with, for example, transmission or fuel system, it will give you the fullest “for-sale-summary” of facts about your car, it will show you, what to replace in your car and which detail of it is still OK, the amount of money you will need to spend on fuel and so on. The abilities of Automotive Wolf are unlimited, and the 30 days free tour is given to you to take your chance to try them all. As for me, I would never miss such chance!

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Maintain your Vehicle like a PRO with the Original Vehicle Maintenance Software for Windows.

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