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woman on computerManaging all of your personal and business contact information can be an overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating experience. Keeping your contacts well organized, up-to-date and linked is key for increasing productivity, networking and saving time..

Contact Wolf is a contact management software solution that is easy to learn, quick to master and will transform the way you manage your contact data. Finding information will no longer be an arduous task. Organizing your contacts will become intuitive and simple.

Address Book Software running on Tablet PCWhether you just want to manage and organize your home address book or you need your business to run more efficiently, Contact Wolf provides you with the features and tools you need to finally make managing your contact data effortless and in a way that makes sense to you.

Contact Wolf was designed to be powerful enough for large or small businesses to maintain large client and customer databases or perfect for the average home user that just needs a great address book to keep track of family and friends. Keep detailed information on everyone you know - Phone numbers, addresses, internet addresses, family info, Business details, Birthdays & Anniversaries, personal comments, Social Media addresses (Facebook, Twitter, etc)  and much more!

Why should you use Contact Wolf?

1. Efficient Communication: Effective contact management ensures that you have accurate and up-to-date contact information for your professional and personal contacts. This enables you to communicate efficiently and reach out to the right people when needed. It saves time and minimizes the risk of miscommunication or missed opportunities.

2. Relationship Building: Maintaining a well-organized contact list allows you to nurture and strengthen your relationships with clients, customers, colleagues, friends, and family. By having a comprehensive view of your contacts, including their preferences, past interactions, and relevant notes, you can personalize your communications and engage with them more effectively. This helps build trust, loyalty, and stronger connections.

3. Networking: Contact management plays a crucial role in networking. It helps you keep track of the people you meet at events, conferences, or social gatherings. Organizing and categorizing your contacts based on professional fields or areas of interest can facilitate targeted networking efforts. It also allows you to stay connected, follow up, and leverage those connections for future collaborations, opportunities, or referrals.

4. Business Development: For businesses, maintaining a robust contact management system is essential for business development and sales. It helps track leads, prospects, and customers, allowing you to manage the entire sales process efficiently. By having accurate contact details, communication history, and relevant notes, you can tailor your sales approach, identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, and provide personalized customer service.

5. Personal Organization: Contact management is not only beneficial for professional purposes but also for personal organization. It helps you maintain a comprehensive list of your friends, family members, service providers, and other important contacts. This ensures you have their contact details readily available when needed, making it easier to stay in touch, plan events, or reach out during emergencies.

6. Data Security and Privacy: Good contact management includes ensuring the security and privacy of your contact information. Implementing proper security measures, such as password protection and data encryption, safeguards sensitive contact details from unauthorized access or misuse. It also helps comply with data protection regulations and maintain the trust of your contacts.

7. Time and Productivity: Having a well-organized contact management system saves time and enhances productivity. Instead of searching through various sources or relying on memory, you can quickly access the contact information you need. This streamlines your communication processes, reduces errors, and allows you to focus on more important tasks and activities.

In summary, good contact management enables efficient communication, strengthens relationships, supports networking efforts, facilitates business development, enhances personal organization, ensures data security, and saves time. It is a valuable tool for both professional and personal interactions, enabling you to stay connected and make the most of your contacts.

What you should know about Cloud vs PC based Contact Managers

Contact management software Screen Shot

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Designed with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find your contact information quickly and easily in seconds!

Get Organized!
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address book groups
  Create Categories & Groups:
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Create unlimited Categories to Group your contacts to make finding things easy. Create Groups for your friends, family, business associates or anything. One click on a group displays every record you have assigned to it. Each contact record can belong to multiple Groups.
Network Compatible:
network compatible contact database Works great on any network:

Contact Wolf is easily configured for sharing the database on any network. We even added a menu option in the software that lets you quickly setup your computer to access the shared database.

All of Contact Wolf's great features are also designed to work in a network environment. Simply set your UserID and then only you will see your personal reminders, contact log entries, To-Do List, etc. Everyone that's sharing the database can see and edit the contact records but only your eyes will see your personal items. Password protection options are included if you want to also hide records from other users.

Helpful Reminders Click Image to enlarge
setup reminders for contacts Remember important events:

Set a reminder so you don't forget to call someone in your address book or for meetings, appointments, etc. The Reminders can be configured to automatically reset daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. An Alarm Monitor allows you to set a reminder to display at a specific TIME and can automatically send an email reminder even if Contact Wolf is closed on your Desktop.

Birthday & Anniversary Reminders  Click Image to enlarge
birthday and anniversary reminders for contacts
Smart & Easy
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Never forget another Birthday or Anniversary for any of your friends, family, co-workers or anyone in your contact database. Simply click on the Birthday Reminder option to see what's coming up in the next week, month or any Day range you select. Then quickly send them an email greeting, text message, phone call  or print a label for them directly from Contact Wolf.

Document Linker Click Image to enlarge
link documents to contacts
  Link Images & Documents
to Contacts:

for video

Easily link any type of file or document (images,.pdf's,Word,Access,etc) to any record. Viewing or editing a linked document takes just one click!

Print Labels Click Image to enlarge
print address book labels
avery labels image for address book software Address Labels:
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address labels
Our Address Book Software supports most Avery labels. Select your Label size from hundreds of standard Avery labels. Choose the Label format and the addresses will be automatically aligned and ready to print. The PRO version allows you to design your own custom labels. The starting row and column can be specified so you never waste any labels on your label sheet.

Powerful Search Click Image to enlarge   
address book software search options phone book software search imageSearch for keyword phrases including keyword linking: 
Finding contacts is easy! Locate records using the alphabet Tabs (A-Z), click on a Group you've created to list the contacts assigned to it or use the built-in flexible Search engine. Contact Wolf's Search & Find options let you find exactly the data you are looking for. You can control which data fields are searched and Link multiple keywords with a plus sign "+" to only find matches that satisfy your targeted search criteria.

View & Print Reports Click Image & Report Links below to enlarge
address book reports reports image for contact management software Print a Phone Address List:

Multiple Personal and Business Reports are included that automatically format your contact data into perfectly rendered reports.  Each Report can be exported into multiple formats (pdf, Excel, CSV, Lotus, Rich Text, Word docs, XML and more)  See a few examples below:


Save a Contact History :  Click Image to enlarge
contact log  
  Contact Log:
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Saves a detailed and dated contact history for any contact record. One click displays the contact log for any record. Save details about phone conversations, meetings, notes & comments.

Create Personal & Business Internet Address Books:
Click Image to enlarge
contact log internet option image for address book software Access Contacts from any Browser:

Select any of your contact records to export to a preformatted HTML file that you can upload to any server or web space and have your own Personal & Business Internet Web based Address Book viewable from any browser and computer with an internet connection. Create as many personal or business internet based address books as you like viewable only by you and always available from any computer with an internet connection.
Phone #'s and Links on sample page not valid

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We have thousands of satisfied customers using our address book software every day. It will make managing your contact information effortless!

Need Help deciding which version to purchase?
Simply check our Address Book Software Features Comparison List and scroll to the bottom to see a list of features for each version to make your decision easy! If you still have question, don't hesitate to contact us at

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System Requirements
Designed for

  • Windows 11 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
  • XP (32 & 64 bit)


"Love the software ... Best Contact Manager I ever found! " Vincent B. 


"Your contact software  makes printing address labels a breeze! "    Brian T. 


"Just awesome! Contact Wolf is packed with useful features and totally efficient. My favorite program on my computer now. Thank you!"  Maria K 


"Can't tell you how much I'm appreciating this program. I wish I had it sooner."    Julia R. 


"I have had your brilliant Contact Software since 04 May 2016. I register my husbands Podiatry patients on it, he works 2 days a week and this is so brilliant we love it."  Jean C. 

 "Guys, you are magic. I bought your contact software and have been really pleased with it. It does all that I want it to (and more) but the best thing is that I can interface with my USB modem to use Windows to dial from my VOIP direct to the phone. Great stuff and miles ahead of the others.
Not only that, I upgrade my hardware and you, very courteously, provide me with new activation codes. This is above and beyond what I expected (especially after having to pay 'upgrade fees' for other programmes). Just saying that you are great and deserve to be recognised. Not sure how I recognise you but this is my attempt. Circulate this as you will and if you need recommends then send them my way!
Thank you again. "   Robin K.  10/2017

"I couldn't be happier with Contact Wolf. The program is comprehensive, well ordered and well structured."  G Huff

"I love the software, i also have your automotive wolf,  so i am a believer in your products."   Kevin W  July 2018

"To my friends at Lone Wolf software. I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for a great product and the wonderful support you all provide. I had a small problem getting setup on my home/office network and you solved my issue with one email. I was an unhappy and frustrated ACT! user for years and a friend recommended your address software. As soon as I installed it I knew I would love it. I've been recommending it to all my friends and clients."  Thomas S. CA

"I truly love this address book – this is my second copy.  The first purchase was made well over a year ago so I repurchased because I did not feel it fair not to do so when I am putting it on a new computer.  Also, for the many times I use it, it is worth far more than all the other address books available today.  It is really a very good product and as I said the very first time I wrote, a year ago, I wish you could lend your programming skills to Photoshop’s Adobe people, so they might learn how to write easy yet effective programs for those of us lacking a computer science degree. Thank you again," Regina S.

"I purchased it for my wife to run her home based small business and she absolutely loves it!"
Greg L. , PA

"I just downloaded the new version with the Birthday reminders and its awesome! Thanks for a great addition to an already great product."
Tom Mintz

"Superb design and easy to learn. I use it at home and to run my business. The best contact manager software I've ever used.
CNET Reviewer:
 Sam Orwell

"My only question is why can't all software be this good!"  
Roger K.

"I have found Contact Wolf a great deal more user friendly than any other I have including Office and Corel. I love it as I can include all the information that I want. The best I have ever used."
Patricia M

"This Contact Wolf program is a keeper. I run my business with it. Fast and efficient."
Mark S, Oklahom

"I think I will thoroughly enjoy using this program especially with the free upgrades policy and the outstanding support given even before I purchased the product. I finally found an Address Book Software program that meets my expectations!
Bill K.

"I have been using your address book software now for about 4 weeks and I just wanted to let you know that I'm a very happy customer! I think it's the best windows address book out there and so much easier to use than the other products I tried." Timothy S.  OK

Screen Shots

click on images below to enlarge

A great little To-Do List that will just make life a little easier!

contact data window

Saves detailed contact information in your address book

contact data window

Imports your old contact data from almost any address book software (Outlook, Google, Smart Phones etc)

imports address book data

Automatic backup options so you never need to worry about losing your valuable data

backup address book data

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Contact Wolf Address Book Software
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