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Designed for Microsoft Windows®

Easy to learn and Simple to Use:

Home Management Wolf was designed with a tabbed interface making it easy to learn and very intuitive to use. Simply create a home, residence or property and click on each tab to begin saving and organizing information. The "learning curve" is almost non-existant!

Home Inventory and Asset Tracking for one or multiple residences

Track all your possessions for multiple residences and properties. The home inventory section links items to each home or property you own so you know what you own and where its located. Detailed information can be saved for each item including cost, place of purchase, date of purchase, warranty and repair information and more. Digital photos and scanned receipts can be linked to each item to provide proof of purchase and ownership.

Tracks home maintenance, Repairs  Assessment Value, Mortgage payments and more.

Home Management Wolf provides total home management capability. You can track all your home maintenance and repairs and save receipts and images. A user configurable home maintenance schedule is included that can be easily tailored to your personal preferences. Easily keep track of your home assessments and analyze your mortgage schedule to watch your equity grow with each payment or see how increasing your monthly payment will effect your debt load.

Analyzes your Finances so you know where your money is going

Includes a Cost analysis section that lets you see where your money is being spent. Displays graphically a breakdown of your expenditures over time. Makes it easy to see where you can save. When you spend money on something just enter it in the Financial section. It won't take long to see where your hard earned money is going!

Stores Home Warranty and Insurance Information

Most home owners simply file this information away in a file cabinet or desk somewhere but if a catastrophe occurs this important information can be lost. Home Management Wolf includes sections to save your contact information for both your home warranty and insurance making it easy to find when you need it. Simply scan in any documents and save it to the important files section so you can view it whenever you need to reference it. The information will always be just a few mouse clicks away.

Save any type of document (pdf, scans, etc) of mortgage contracts, renters insurance, etc. for quick reference

Home Management Wolf includes an important documents/files option that lets you save almost any type of file or image that can be easily accessed and viewed whenever you need it. Simply scan in the document and save it to the File Attachments section for easy reference. You won't have to go searching thru files, cabinets or desk drawers anymore to find the information you need.

Create a To-Do List for each home

Home owners often have an endless To-Do list of things that need to be done on their home. Home Management Wolf makes it easy with its own To-Do list that allows you to schedule items with Due dates and when they are completed so you know when something needs to be done. This also provides a dated log of everything that has been completed on your home which can be useful when you want to sell your residence.

Saves receipts and invoices for any item

Saves receipts, invoices or any type of document so you can keep track of costs and warranty information for anything and everything that's done to your home. This keeps you organized and allows you to quickly find the information for warranty or insurance claims.

Auto Backup options

Home Management Wolf includes an Auto Backup option that keeps your database safe. We recommend occasionally saving it to a removable media device like a USB stick drive or CDROM that can be placed in a safe place in case a disaster occurs like a fire or flood, etc. This information can often be destroyed when a catastrophic event happens but this allows you peace of mind in knowing all your important information is secure.

Life-Time FREE Upgrades

Once you have purchased a license you never pay again. All upgrades are FREE and easily downloaded from the Lone Wolf Software server.

Tracks the value of all your assets

Calculates and tracks the value of your home and all the assets in your home inventory. This makes it easy to see your Debt and Asset portfolio.

Categorizes and saves detailed information on everything you own

Home Management Wolf saves and organizes all your Home and Asset information in separate sections so its easy to find and reference. You can create categories for your home inventory that lets you group items the way you want to. Quickly view the current value of all your electronics or furniture. See how much money you have invested in your possessions or hobbies. Save warranty and contact information for the manufacturer.

Import unlimited digital photos to log all your valuables and assets

Saves and displays images in multiple formats (.bmp, .gif, .tif, .jpg). Link unlimited images to your Home or any item in your home inventory.

Attach invoices and receipts to any item to prove value and ownership

If you need to make an insurance or warranty claim you will need to prove value, ownership and the date of purchase. This information is usually readily available in the invoices and receipts you compile over time. It is usually provided on paper which is vulnerable to damage and loss and often difficult to keep organized. Home Management Wolf allows you to save it to your home database which keeps it secure, readily available and easy to find.

Track repair histories for any Home Inventory Item

The Home Inventory section includes a Repair History for each item that lets you track repairs or maintenance.

Organize items by Category, Location, Condition or define your own.

A Home Inventory can contain hundreds or thousands of items that are easily organized by Category, Location, Condition or you can define your own making it quick and easy to find it when you need it. For example simply click on the Electronics Category and see all the items you have assigned to it including the current value of each item and the Total value for all the listed items. See how much you have invested in your furniture, art work, electronics or tools.

Automatically calculates current value of items based on Straight Line Depreciation Method

Home Management Wolf automatically calculates a current value for any item in your home inventory using Standard Depreciation algorithms. This is the accepted way to find the approx value of an item after you have owned it over a period of time. This is very useful for both insurance claims or if you decide to sell a it. You will also be kept up to date with an accurate assessment of the current Total value of all the possessions in your Home Inventory.


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