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Windows® 7/8/10, Vista/XP (32 & 64 Bit)

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The Backup Wolf windows are organized sequentially. You  click on each window tab in order to follow the backup procedure. It's designed to make it fast and easy. This isn't rocket science...its just good programming!


1) Profile window
Where you create your backup profile

Backup Wolf Backup Software Profile Screen Shot

2) Define backup profile window
Where you select files/folders to back up

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3) Backup window
Where you perform the actual backup

Backup Wolf File Backup Software Backup Window Screen Shot

4) Log/Restore window
Where you perform a Restore

Backup Wolf Backup Software Restore Window Screen Shot



When you see the "Seal of Approval" displayed after a backup you will know that your data is safe !


Backup Software that solves the "Backup Procrastination Syndrome".

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Designed for Home or Business. 

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