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System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit)

  • Windows 8 (32 & 64 Bit)

  • Windows 7 (32 & 64 Bit)

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows XP

  • Designed for Home or Business

  • Fast & Easy Precision Backups

  • Easy to use "Step-by-step" design

  • Create multiple Backup Profiles

  • Full and Incremental backup options

  • Backup across network drives

  • Supports external hard drives

  • Supports USB drives

  • Supports memory sticks

  • Updates old backups in seconds!

  • LIFETIME FREE Upgrades


"Easy to use and FAST!
It's exactly what I've been searching for....great software! I've tried some other backup software and Backup Wolf is the best of the bunch. I would highly recommend this program for anyone that wants to keep their data safe."  
Roger Martinez , Hobe Sound, FL

"Well designed backup software that really performs flawlessly.
This is "must have" software if you want to rest assured that all of your important data is backed up and safe. It really works great if you are backing up to a second hard's extremely fast in the incremental backup mode! It's well worth the money! "  
Bob Machinski, Silver Spring, MD

"As a Veterinarian Hospital manager I spent months searching for uncomplicated reliable backup software for our busy practice. Backup Wolf met our hospital needs and gave me a peace of mind knowing our client files and data are safe. Our staff found the software very easy to use and the support promptly responded to our questions, allowing us to run a busy Animal Hospital more efficiently. We give Backup Wolf a "Clean bill of Health!" "   Lisa Rykiel,   St Louis, MO

"Thanks for your help and your quick response. By the way, I've purchased several backup programs, and backup wolf is absolutely the best! "   
L.Williams, Highland, CA


As a software company we have a great need to protect our company data and valuable code. We looked at other backup software products to do the job but found most to be too complicated and full of options we didn't need and would never use. So we initially designed Backup Wolf to be used as an "in-house" solution only, but quickly realized it would have great value to our customers and anyone that appreciates a product that keeps it simple and performs its job flawlessly. We use it everyday and we've never lost a single byte of data as a result...and neither will you.

The Easiest Backup Software on the market!

Backup Wolf smashes the "learning curve". Install the software and you'll be creating your backup profiles in seconds. Simply click on each window tab in sequence for each step in the process and you're finished! Perform a Full backup to create a mirror image. Then simply use the "incremental backup option" for backup maintenance to update new files and the files and folders that have changed since your last backup

You won't avoid backups anymore because it will become easy and only take a few minutes. Just a few clicks, then sit back and watch the files fly! When its finished you will see a Seal of Approval that lets you know your data is safe. If you ever do suffer a hard drive crash or data loss you can Restore the data with one click!

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  Defend Your Valuable Data !

Backup Wolf Backup Software imageBackup Wolf protects you against data loss. Why risk losing your valuable data and the many hours you've spent compiling it ? Computer crashes are common and can happen without any hint or warning. Protect your data now before its too late.

  So Simple and Easy To Use

Most backup software is too complicated to use efficiently. Backup Wolf allows you to select and perform backups in literally seconds with only a few mouse clicks, so you won't avoid backing up your computer and you can spend your time doing other things. You simply click on each Window Tab in sequence for each step in the process and you're finished! Each step is very intuitive. You can create new backup profiles in just a few minutes. Updating old backups takes only seconds!

Surgical Backup Software System

backup software drive imageEasily pick and select exactly which files and folders you want to backup and where you want to save them too. Create as many backup profiles as you like to target the files and folders you want to protect. Important information like email, family photos, financial information, music collections, business documents, etc. will remain safe and secure.

  Security and confidence

backup software safe imageSelect the backup profile you've created and simply click on the Analysis button. Backup Wolf will automatically analyze every file and folder in your backup profile and find any new files that have been added and which files need to be updated. Then one click on the Backup Now button and your finished! Its that simple and often takes less than a minute to complete.


backup software backup iconYou'll never need to worry about losing your data when you use Backup Wolf. In the event of a system crash or any type of data loss you can rest assured that recovering your data is only one click away! Simply click on the Restore Now button and all the files and folders you backed up are replaced in their original locations. In fact, you can restore the lost data yourself manually using Windows Explorer on your computer because we do not use any unnecessary archiving methods or compressed files...that just complicates things and we like to keep it simple!

LIFETIME Free Upgrades

backup software icon logoBackup Wolf provides you with a comprehensive cost-effective backup, restore and disaster recovery solution. Upgrades are FREE and can be installed from the upgrading option included in the software. You pay once and never again.

Peace of Mind

Backup Wolf is a powerful backup software application that can defend your data and bring you the peace of mind knowing your data is always safe and easily recovered if a disaster occurs. That is certainly worth a lot more than the very reasonable cost of a Backup Wolf license.


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