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Contact Wolf Network Sharing Configuration Instructions for CWDB240.mdb

Follow the Step by Step Instructions below to share the Contact Wolf database on your network.

The instructions below are valid ONLY for Contact Wolf v2.40 or greater that use database CWdb240.mdb

To check your version:

1) Start Contact Wolf
2) Select:
Help->about Contact Wolf

If you have a previous version please contact us at email address:
We will then send you further instructions on how to upgrade to continue with the network set-up.

Contact Wolf is a network compatible ODBC relational database Contact Manager. The following instructions explain how to setup and configure Contact Wolf in a network environment so that its database can be shared by all users on the network.


The Contact Wolf database file name is CWdb240.mdb.  When first installed Contact Wolf installs and registers the database in the following folder location on each computer its installed on.



 Note: versions before v2.40 (ie, v2.30 - 2.39) used database CWdb230.mdb
  - "C:\Program Files\Contact Wolf\Data\CWdb230.mdb"   )

for v2.40 and later check the following location :

C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\Lone Wolf Software\Contact Wolf\CWdb240.mdb

C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Lone Wolf Software\Contact Wolf\CWdb240.mdb

C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Lone Wolf Software\Contact Wolf\CWdb240.mdb

Network Usage:
For shared use of the Contact Wolf database in a network environment the database file CWdb240.mdb must be moved to a folder location on the network that is accessible by all users. The network administrator should verify that file sharing on all systems is configured to allow users access to the folder location where the Contact Wolf database file (CWdb240.mdb) is placed.

Each user that wants shared access to the database must then reregister the Contact Wolf ODBC database on their respective system using the ODBC Administrator In the Windows Control Panel. (see procedure #2 below)

Procedure # 1 - Moving the Contact Wolf database - Network Administrator ONLY

1) Using Windows File Explorer open the folder location where the CWdb240.mdb database file is located.
2) Find and click once on the " CWdb240.mdb " file
3) Select COPY
4) Open the folder destination that allows shared access for multiple users on the network. (usually a location on the server)
5) Select PASTE to paste a copy of the CWdb240.mdb file in the destination folder

Reregistering the Contact Wolf database path

- When installed on a system Contact Wolf registers the database in the installation folder (as specified above) on each system. EACH user must then follow Procedure #2 below to modify the current database registration  path created during installation and reregister it using the database path to the NEW folder location on the network that allows access to all users on the network.

EACH USER must follow Procedure #2 below to reset the UserDSN on their computer to point to the new database file location.


Procedure #2 - Changing the UserDSN to modify the current ODBC Contact Wolf database path - ALL Users on the network

Perform the procedure below on each users computer while logged in under their account

1) Open Control Panel

2) Click on System and Security

3) Click on Administrative Tools

4) Double Click on ODBC Data Sources (32 bit) It must say 32 bit even on a 64 bit computer

(Note : If you do not see a 32 bit option you can find it by Starting File Explorer. Navigate to and open the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 Folder. Double click on the file named odbcad32.exe )

5) Under the "UserDSN" tab click once on the "CWdb240" entry to highlight it.

6) Click on the CONFIGURE button

7) Click on the SELECT button

8) Under "Directories" navigate to the FOLDER where the CWdb240.mdb database you want to access is located. If the database resides on the network server open the Folder in the network server location.

> you will see the CWdb240.mdb file appear on the left. Click once on it to select and highlight it.

7) Click OK to accept the change and then close the ODBC Administrator

8) Run Contact Wolf using the Desktop icon.

At this point you now have the ODBC Contact Wolf database file registered on your system in its new location and Contact  Wolf will be able to find it and access it in the shared network location.

ALL network users must reregister the Contact Wolf database file on their respective system following the procedures outlined above. File sharing for the folder location of the Contact Wolf database file must be granted to any users on the network to have access to the database.


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