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Is your website working right now ?
RELAX and let your PC monitor your website with Powerful Website Monitoring Software that anyone can use! 

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(Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista)

Website Monitoring Software for Windows

Did you know ?
....that most Web Hosting companies never bother to notify you when your website is not responding. If your website is down or responding slowly it can quickly cost you money!  webALERT monitors the status of your website 24/7 and notifies you immediately if any problems occur. It will also measure Site "Up-Time" so you can decide if your hosting company is performing satisfactorily.

What does it do ?
webALERT runs on your PC in the "background" from your System Tray, so it uses few resources and is completely unobtrusive. It notifies you immediately when any problem occurs and measures the time that your website is "down" or unresponsive so you'll know what is happening every minute of every day with your website.


How does it work ?
webALERT monitors 3 critical factors : Ping response, DNS and HTTP visibility and alerts you whenever a problem occurs.

Ping monitoring checks your websites server status and measures its response time to insure its online and resonsive.
DNS monitoring checks that your domain name resolves to your IP address or nobody will find your website;
HTTP monitoring checks that your website is answering browser requests by responding with HTML code to insure your website is live and visible to visitors.

webALERT Website Monitoring Software is a great tool that offers tremendous value, Lifetime FREE product upgrades and it's fully supported. It's easy to install, simple to use, and can save you money. You can track, monitor and analyze multiple sites. It's sophisticated software but we've designed it so anyone can start using it only seconds after installing the software. Let  webALERT  keep an "eye" on your website so you don't have too!

"Great website monitoring software and priced right! "
Mike Francis
"  I just let it run in the background and keep an eye on my website for me. Totally cool ! "
Charles Menkin
"Finally I have a way to watch my website for a reasonable price. I wish I would have found this software a long time ago!"
Kim Sanders





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