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For anyone that knows anyone !
Easily organize all your contact information! This award winning Contact Manager will organize all your phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, website URLs and much more. Extremely easy to use, fully featured software. An excellent choice for any Home user.
The PRO difference !
Includes user-definable directories and data fields , one button emailing, dialing, website URL access, and full search and find capability. Multiple user configurable options and three separate directories allows maximum flexibility. A supplemental data section allows storage of personal and company information for each record. Supports import/export, inclusion/exclusion, envelope and label printing, user configurable printing , an option to run in the background from the system tray, clipboard support, automatic alphabetization, separate personal ,business and a user definable directory ,user configurable data fields, password protection options and back-up/Restore options to keep your database safe !
Rated 5 stars on ZDNet!
PhoneBook95 Pro enhances the user experience by allowing many user customizations to "tailor" the software to your specific needs. Change data field labels, format print-outs or add a "filing category" for friends or business associates!

Also includes our "INFOpedia" - a searchable database of International Dialing codes, US area codes and US Zip codes!

It's ease of use is simply unmatched by any other Contact manager! Try it out for 30 days free and you decide!
30 Day Free Trial
only $29.95

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  • Intuitively easy to use interface >
  • organizes all your phone #'s, addresses, email addresses, website addresses and more with ease !
  • user definable data fields
  • Powerful search engine finds any keyword or phrase in your database
  • one button phone dialing
  • one button emailing
  • one button website access
  • separate personal, business and user defined directories
  • directory and global views
  • individual directory password protection options
  • user configurable printing -inclusion and exclusion of any printing fields and user formatting
  • envelope and label printing
  • option to run PhoneBook 95 in the background from the system tray
  • import/export capability
  • database backup and restore options to keep your data safe - includes "auto backup" options
  • supplemental data section for each entry to store personal or company information
  • INFO-pedia that contains all US area codes, zip codes, and International Dialing Codes !
  • phone log that keeps a record of all your calls
  • Built-in user configurability
  • Quick and easy