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Linked Documents in Contact Wolf Pro

Contact Wolf Pro includes a powerful option to Link documents to your contact records. Linked Documents are simply document files from other applications. You can link almost any type of document file including Image files (.bmp, gif, tiff, jpg, etc), Text based files like Microsoft Word (.wpd, .doc), Notepad (.txt), application specific file formats like PowerPoint, Access, Excel, SQL, HTML, XML and many other formats.

Linked documents are not stored in the Contact Wolf database to save resources and limit the size of the database for speed. Only a "link" (path) to the linked document is stored. Double clicking on the linked document in Contact Wolf will then automatically open the appropriate application so you can view/edit the document for the linked path stored in Contact Wolf.

NOTE: To be able to view/edit the linked document on your computer you need to have the appropriate application installed that can edit the document file and have the correct file association set on your computer so that Contact Wolf knows what application to open to load the linked document file.

TIP:  We recommend using the "Copy file to linked document folder and link there" option in the Document Linker settings so that when you view/edit the linked document file you are only editing a copy of the file stored in your Linked Documents folder. This leaves the original file in its original state and also makes it easier if you transfer Contact Wolf to a different computer in the future since you will simply need to transfer the Linked Documents folder to maintain the link integrity for all your contact records.

TIP:  You can change the Linked Document folder path to any location by selecting:
Preferences -> Document Linking -> Set Linked Document Folder Path

The Linked Document option allows you to easily link and associate multiple types of documents to any contact record.

The Linked Document option is only available in the PRO version of Contact Wolf.



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