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How to use Groups or Categories to group your contacts

Contact Wolf provides 3 separate directories (personal, business, custom) for you to separate particular contact record types. However it also provides a powerful option to categorize or group your contact records. You can create Groups (categories) for each separate directory and assign each contact record to up to 4 groups.

Groups allow you to easily list only the contact records that belong to a particular Group.

For example : You may want to create a group named "Clients" in the Business directory. You can create groups by 3 different methods in Contact Wolf.


1) Click on the Add/Edit Record button in the left window pane of Contact Wolf to add a contact record.. Simply enter the Group name in one of the 4 group assignment boxes. If the Group does not already exist it will be automatically created for you.

2) Click on the "+/-" button to the right of the SEARCH button at the top of the Contact Wolf main window. This will open a window where you can Add/Delete Groups.

3) Right click in the Groups List box directly to the left of Records List box (where the Names of the records are displayed) and select ADD from the popup menu.

NOTE: If you do not see the GROUPS Control you may need to enable it by selecting:

Preferences->Interface Options->Group Control->Enable

TIP:  Groups are Directory specific which means the group you create only exists in the Directory (personal, business, custom) that is selected when its created. This way you can have many different groups for each Directory.

NOTE: ALL records automatically belong to the "ALL" Group. If you click on the Group named "ALL" in the Groups List Box it will display all records for the currently selected Directory (personal, business, custom).

Once the Group is created it will also appear in the drop down menu to the right of each Group Assignment box when you Add/Edit a record. So to assign the category "Clients" to any other records simply Add/Edit the record and click on the small down arrow next to one of the 4 Group Assignment boxes and select "Clients" from the drop down menu.


Once you have assigned the "Clients" category to several records you can easily list and select only your "Clients" contact records by:

1) Click on the "Clients" Group in the Group List box. This will display any records currently assigned to this Group.

2) Enter the Group name in the SEARCH Box and then Click on the SEARCH button, only records from the "Clients" group assignment will be listed.

TIP:  If the "Clients" records are not listed make sure you have the Categories enabled in the Search options by clicking on the "?" button next to the search phrase box.

Now that you have only the "Clients" records listed you can "TAG" or select all the "Clients" records by clicking on the "TAG ALL" button located below the Records List where the record names are displayed. Once you have the records tagged you have several options:

1) Print a Report of the Tagged Clients records

2) Send Email to the Tagged ( Clients) records

3) Print the tagged Clients records to labels

4) Export  the tagged Clients records into many different formats (WORD, xml, Excel, text file, etc)

5) Create an HTML page for the Tagged Clients records that you can upload to your server so you have access to their contact information from the internet

You can assign a contact record to a maximum for 4 different groups, ie., each record can belong to 4 different categories or groups. So you may want to create another category named "Friends" and assign it also to some of the "Clients" records if appropriate. Then if you want to list only records that belong to both the "Clients" and "Friends" categories you would:

1) Enter into the SEARCH Phrase box

Clients + Friends

2) Click on the SEARCH button ( see the Help Topic How to use the Search Option) for more information on how to search for multiple phrases

Groups (categories) are a powerful way for you to group records in Contact Wolf. Grouping records allows you to List and TAG the records and perform many different functions on the group.


Often you may need to create a new Group and assign multiple records to it. Contact Wolf makes it simple.

1) Method #1

Click on the ALL Group in the Group selection box to list ALL records.
Click on the letter tab A-Z to list records alphabetically
Hold down the Ctrl Key and click on any records to be added to the group
Right click and select "Assign Selected records to Group"

2) Method #2

TAG all the records you would like added to the Group

Right click in the list where the Names of the records are displayed and select "Assign Tagged records to Group"



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