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How to enable and configure the Contact Wolf email engine

Contact Wolf includes a powerful "built-in" email engine that is capable of bulk emailing thousands of recipients. The Email Engine must be configured to use your email server to be utilized.

TIP: If you would prefer simply using your computers email client for sending email from Contact Wolf you can enable the client option by selecting:

Select :  Preferences ->Email options -> Send email from Contact Wolf using -> This computers email client

Note: You can email multiple recipients using the email client option but all the addresses of the recipients will be viewable by each recipient since the email addresses will be added to the cc box in your computers email client. There may be a limit on the number of recipient email addresses that can be added using the client option. The Contact Wolf email engine does not have any limitations and the recipient addresses will not be viewable by each recipient.

To enable the Contact Wolf Email Engine:

Select :  Preferences ->Email options -> Send email from Contact Wolf using -> Contact Wolf Email Engine

To configure the Contact Wolf email engine:

Select :  Preferences ->Email options -> Configure-> configure Contact Wolf Email Engine

1) Enter your Outgoing Email Server Address:
This is usually an SMTP address such as smtp.myemailserver.com  You may need to contact your ISP to determine your outgoing server address. If you have a functional email client on your computer you can usually find the smtp address in the email clients options.

2) Enter the Sender Email Address (usually your reply email address)

3) If your server requires authentication (a username and password) click on the Server Requires Authentication option and place a check mark in the box so its selected.

4) Enter your email servers UserName and Password (if it requires authentication)

5) Click on the TEST EMAIL button to send a test email to yourself. You will see a popup message that says "Message sent successfully" if you have the server information entered correctly. If you have the Contact Wolf Email Engine option enabled all email will now be sent from Contact Wolf using its built-in email engine.

TIP:  If the Test Email button fails you will see a popup message that the error encountered has been stored in a file named errors.xml   You may need to search your computer to find the errors.xml file location since it can be different depending on the Operating System and install location selected. The file can be opened with NotePad or a browser and it indicate what problem occurred when it tried to send email.



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